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霹靂MIT/Pi Li MIT Episode 16 Recap (finale)

My feelings for this drama have fluctuated, but I do love it. I’ll miss it, really. And I know people have criticized it for repetition, but once you get to the turning point episode 11, it takes off. I’ve also heard complaints about acting, but like the plot, it improves throughout. Overall…flawed but still captivating and fun. [Although there’s not much that can be done to salvage that title. Oh, my dear, dear scriptwriters (much beloved as you are after the masterpiece that was Bump Off Lover), other than “Mysterious Incredible Terminator,” could you think of something a little less…lame? >.< No offense! These are my favorite Taiwanese scriptwriters and crew, and I’m not in any way insulting them. I’m sure it’s the fault of bad English word choice, not their intent, in any case.]

Otherwise! Pi Li MIT was great fun and a great break from overacted romcoms (I usually like romcoms/dramedies, but the OTT acting is what gets me). And while it was no match for Bump Off Lover, it threw a few well-placed twists into the mix of mystery, romance, and comedy.

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