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霹靂MIT/Pi Li MIT Episode 16 Recap (finale)

My feelings for this drama have fluctuated, but I do love it. I’ll miss it, really. And I know people have criticized it for repetition, but once you get to the turning point episode 11, it takes off. I’ve also heard complaints about acting, but like the plot, it improves throughout. Overall…flawed but still captivating and fun. [Although there’s not much that can be done to salvage that title. Oh, my dear, dear scriptwriters (much beloved as you are after the masterpiece that was Bump Off Lover), other than “Mysterious Incredible Terminator,” could you think of something a little less…lame? >.< No offense! These are my favorite Taiwanese scriptwriters and crew, and I’m not in any way insulting them. I’m sure it’s the fault of bad English word choice, not their intent, in any case.]

Otherwise! Pi Li MIT was great fun and a great break from overacted romcoms (I usually like romcoms/dramedies, but the OTT acting is what gets me). And while it was no match for Bump Off Lover, it threw a few well-placed twists into the mix of mystery, romance, and comedy.

Click for the recap~

The episode opens with a view of 007 stalking the halls of Sheng Ying. The rest of Pi Li MIT are shown at different positions throughout the school. 007 looks directly up at one of the cameras, and we’re then given a shot of the

malicious eyes of Lu Ke Ying watching him from a computer (I love how Ke Ying has managed to a.) dig up the funds for multiple live-feed cameras without his mother noticing and b.) place them everywhere in the school without difficulty…but logic aside~).

007’s attention is momentarily distracted when a girl walks by; so is Ke Ying’s. She enters an elevator, and although we can’t see Ke Ying’s face entirely, the caprice in his eyes tell us trouble is on the way for our As-Yet Unidentified Female Student. (Props to Shan Jie for that bit of acting, by the way.) Sure enough, he taps his keyboard and voila! The elevator stops and the girl starts screaming.

(I won’t go into how far-fetched the whole tap-a-key/stop-an-elevator device is, cuz then I’d have to pick at all the plot holes in the entire series, and that takes all the fun out of it. =) I’ll try to refrain. *suspends disbelief*)

After the theme song (last time hearing that familiar intro? T_T), we see students crowding around a school bulletin. By order of Teacher Angel, all members of Pi Li MIT are required to transfer to a different school within three days. Understandably, the members are not pleased and gather together in the cafe to commiserate. 747 complains that Teacher Angel is just covering for Ke Ying; 007 reminds everyone that they still have 72 hours to find Ke Ying and solve the mystery. Lucifer, however, can’t divulge his whereabouts due to a lingering sense of loyalty towards her twin, as well as a fear that if she betrays him he may “go crazy” again.

Teacher Cherry arrives in disguise (attempting to avoid the attention of Teacher Angel) to lift their spirits. (I kind of wish…and have wished throughout the whole series…that FanFan didn’t overact *quite* so much here. I like her, but I don’t like her portrayal of the character, which honestly annoys me a bit.) Anyway, while MIT is wondering why Ke Ying hasn’t made a move, a video conveniently arrives which proves the contrary. Unidentified Female Studen, now found to be named Lin Ya Hui, is therein screaming for help in the stuck elevator. Then we switch to a brief scene of Teacher Angel assuring (lying) on the phone that Ya Hui is currently safely in class. She attempts to contact Ke Ying but can’t and wonders what he’s up to.

Meanwhile, 007 points out to Cherry a message written in red on the roof: “the game hasn’t finished.” Pretty self-explanatory. Then while they’re both contemplating why Ya Hui was chosen as victim, they coincidentally find her cell phone on the floor (*cough*). Looking through her contact list, they realize that Ya Hui’s mother has also been “invited” to the game.

Cut to friendly (~?) interrogation of Lucifer; MIT asks her to explain the game structure. She says the purpose was to let the principal and Teacher Angel know of their existence, and tells the story of how she and Ke Ying met and planned the game. 007 realizes that Angel knew that they were playing the game, but blamed Lucifer completely anyway and protected Ke Ying. Suddenly, another video clip arrives of Ya Hui screaming to her mother for help, this time tied up.

Meanwhile, Teacher Angel seeks Ke Ying again, leaving a message saying if he just contacts her, she’ll help him. He’s hiding in the closet listening.

Then we shift over to another MIT meeting in the cafe. 747 returns breathless from fetching his laptop for Cherry and complains that he needs food. 007 obliges him, and also casually gives a strawberry dessert to Lucifer: “You probably haven’t eaten anything today, right?” It’s a very cute/awkward moment. 007 tries to stay impassive and Lucifer looks surprised and guilty (“he’s treating me so well again but I don’t deserve it,” that kind of expression). 187, of course, immediately pounces on the situation and tells 007 amusedly to be more straightforward.

They review the clip of Ya Hui’s screams for help (they’re not looking for her yet?!) and realize, with the help of 187’s knowledge of Sheng Ying girls, that Ke Ying is using the distant relationship of Ya Hui and her mother to send a message to his own mother. Then finally they start searching for Ya Hui herself, locating her by some clever, implausible, MIT-style deduction. They rescue her.

747 takes a stakeout position to try to catch Ke Ying, while 007 investigates Ke Ying’s room computer (which of course has no password or protection). He finds that Ke Ying looked at the profiles of two students: Ya Hui and Lai Zheng Hong, a notorious bully. A video of Zheng Hong being beaten up is received, and then we jump to another interrogation of Tian Mo Xing. They’re really trying to pump her for information, I see. =P She insists she doesn’t know what her bro is up to. MIT investigates Zheng Hong and discover that his school and medical records have been changed to cover up his misdeeds, cuz he’s another rich white-lister.

Zheng Hong is found (unconscious) and rescued. (By the way, they found him because 747 heard “dong, dong” in the background of the video and figured he must be near the basketball court. -_= Suuure.) Ke Ying has left a camera in the room–he knows that Zheng Hong has been rescued. He then receives a text from Lucifer: “Are you at your secret base? I want to meet you.”

She goes to the base; Ke Ying has fled just a moment before, suspecting that Lucifer’s bringing MIT to find him. He asks Lucifer a bitter question to this effect through yet another video camera. She assures him she hasn’t told the hideout’s whereabouts to MIT, but begs him to stop playing the game. He calls her naive and tells her to look at the thing he left her; then she’ll know the truth.

The rest of MIT gets hold of important records but Teacher Angel confiscates them. Luckily 187 has a copy.

Lucifer confronts Teacher Angel in the hallway. She’s found a diary in Ke Ying’s room (the “thing” he left for her) that says the doctor told Angel that Lucifer, as a baby, wouldn’t survive long, and that’s the reason Angel abandoned her. She demands an answer. Angel admits it, and adds with stingingly cold closure, “No answer will change the facts.” Lucifer is Fang Lian Xing’s daughter and Ke Ying is Angel’s son.

Ke Ying steps from the shadows and tells Lucifer, in not so many words, “I told you so.” He asks her if she now knows who the only person she can trust is (him), and if she wants to play the last game with him. She doesn’t answer.

Angel finds the former principal in her office, purportedly looking for wine, and scolds (“scolds” is…not quite the word when Teacher Angel is doing it) that he’ll destroy his health. He says that hearing those words, he’s not so inclined to think she was just using him, and begins to reminisce about the past. Angel cuts him off sharply and tells him to leave.

Cherry, reading the private files, feels sorry for Ke Ying, who had to go through so many hardships. 187 points out that it must be at least as hard for Lucifer, finding out who her parents were at the age of 18. 007 notes that Ke Ying was much affected by seeing his mother and another man (Cherry’s father, the former principal) having an affair, and suspects that the ex-principal is Ke Ying’s next target.

Cherry rushes to the hospital to check on her father, and is relieved to see him apparently sleeping–until muffled screaming is heard from under the blankets, and Lucifer is revealed on the bed, tied and gagged. Lucifer tearfully explains that she wanted to pretend to cooperate with her brother to watch him, but was used by him instead.

Meanwhile, the ex-principal is wandering the halls of the old building…where Ke Ying also is. Ke Ying rolls out a baseball to lead him in, comes out, and asks if he can play sports.  With bitterness and barely veiled anger he recalls the difficulties he had in childhood because he had no father. His father assures him he has plenty of time for him now—but it’s too late, and Ke Ying says as much by throwing the basketball (hard) at his father, who dodges. (The childishness of the sports setup is nicely juxtaposed with the contrast of Ke Ying’s violent hurling of the equipment.) He asks what his father can teach him…”to drink alcohol? play with women? steal the school’s money?” Just then, Teacher Angel appears and begs Ke Ying to stop. At this, Ke Ying, recognizing and hating her intervention for his father’s sake, explodes.

“Do you not know why meimei (younger sister) and I played these games? Why is it that you knew I was the mastermind, the big devil, but never asked me about it? WHY!??”

Angel slaps him and tries to convince him that she’s just concerned for him, but he won’t have any of it anymore. He pushes her aside (as MIT arrives in the doorway) and runs.

MIT can’t find him. Lucifer and 007 search for him with no luck, and Lucifer starts crying:

“Why can’t he forgive the principal and Teacher Angel? Only now have I realized that I, the one who was taken away, am the lucky one…because my mother loves me very much.” She breaks down even more as she repeats Ke Ying’s words that he’s never received love, that he’s only used by his mother. 007 pulls her into a hug as she sobs and cries out for her brother.


(And may I say, without ruining the GuiLun moment there, that in the previous scenes both GuiGui and Shan Jie did a great job acting? Shan Jie shifted his tone back and forth from mock-innocent to bitter and furious quite adeptly, and GuiGui is excellent in her crying scenes. Arron…well…he doesn’t have to do much…I think he plays Shi De too stonefaced, and it might have been nice to see some subtle changes in expression, but, well, he’s new to acting~)

Ke Ying was listening from behind a door, by the way.

Anyway, Lucifer and 007 pay a visit to Ke Ying’s secret hideout, and find only the (red, of course) words: “Do you want to play one last game with me?” Lucifer is upset and worried that he’s continuing the game, but 007 comforts her that this time, *he’ll* play the game.

Cherry and her father are talking about future plans with a fairly upbeat outlook, and they decide to take just a sip of wine–wine which was simply sitting in the hospital room, assumed to be a gift from Teacher Angel. They both fall over unconscious (notice I’m not saying “dead” because nobody *ever* dies in Pi Li MIT, lol, not that I’m complaining). I say, not the sharpest tools in the box. Why would Teacher Angel send wine when she knows it destroys his health?

Speaking of Teacher Angel, she has just sent 187 (who’d been following her) back to Cherry and gone into Ke Ying’s room to make another call to him. A hand reaches out dramatically and grabs her ankle.

007 sends Lucifer off to sleep then receives a call from Ke Ying (finally, a call with the antagonist’s real voice! I was getting sick of the machine-altered tinny threateners with weird laughs). “The last game has already started.” 007 looks in the hallway and finds Lucifer’s shoe. She’s been apparently kidnapped within the space of about one minute by Ke Ying, who was simultaneously conversing with 007. Very talented antagonist we have here. That’s what you call multitasking. *cough* ANYWAY.

007 also finds a clue dropped by Lucifer and remembers when she first dropped clues for him, citing their telepathy as the source of her confidence that he would find her.

Meanwhile, Ke Ying is videotaping his first twisted “family reunion.” He has all three other family members tied to chairs and describes them each in a mock-loving tone. Then he puts them around a dinner table and suggests they talk about childhood memories. And then the truth finally comes out. Ke Ying tells Xiao Xing (Xiao Xing seems more suitable to use than Lucifer in this situation) to ask their mother all the questions she’s been keeping. He reminds her that she was abandoned, like garbage, by her mother because she was sickly and dying. But Angel contradicts–the dying child wasn’t Xiao Xing. It was Ke Ying. (0_0!) She kept Ke Ying, the sickly child, and nursed him, and gave away the healthy Xiao Xing.

(These twists are what make me love you, scriptwriters.)

Ke Ying laughs insanely at this. It’s obvious he has gone completely over the edge. He taunts that his mother must have many more secrets like that, and suggests a game of telling the truth–whoever lies must be punished.

At this cliffhanger, we switch over to the perspective of the rest of MIT. 747 finds Cherry on the floor and wakes her up, announcing the disappearance of Lucifer and 007. 187 also arrives to confirm the simultaneous disappearance of Angel…and to hand over the last puzzle piece, which he found outside of Ke Ying’s door. The note reads: “Sorry. This is a consolation prize, because no one will be able to solve this game.” Cherry is indignant and declares that MIT will not lose the game.

007 is still on Lucifer’s trail, but hasn’t reached the room yet. Inside, Ke Ying’s game is progressing, with all the family’s lies and issues laid out on the table. He then asks Xiao Xing why she betrayed him. But at that moment, something catches her eye, and she quickly glances over to where 007’s silhouette can be seen, before catching herself and looking back at Ke Ying. Too late. Ke Ying saw, and goes over to the doorway. “Ge, don’t you want to hear my answer?” she calls out in a desperate attempt to distract him. “I didn’t want to betray you…I just wanted…” He snaps back, “You only wanted to help 007 catch me!” Just then, 007 jumps into the room, but Ke Ying dodges (with an athleticism I didn’t know he had), 007 falls, and Ke Ying grabs at 007’s collar, ripping off the protective charm Lucifer had given him. I’m not sure if that was his intention, but in any case it served its purpose, because 007 is distracted trying to reach for the charm and meanwhile finds a (table) knife at his throat.

Cue ad break. =P

007 texted the other MIT members before going in, by the way. We have a random humor break as they try to figure out what F850 N23 means. Guesses range from “fried stinky tofu” to “foot massage.” xP Talk about ruining the dark atmosphere. But I guess it wouldn’t be Pi Li MIT if we didn’t get a little amusing reassurance that everything’s going to be OK in the end (as if we didn’t already know ;-). Anyway, 187 steps up in 007’s absence and helps figure out how the message directs them to the right location.

Back in the room, Ke Ying reveals that it’s the twins’ birthday. He forces their parents to sing “Happy Birthday” to them while he blows out the candles on a cake. It’s ridiculous and sad at the same time. (007, btw, is now tied up watching as well. I guess Ke Ying brought lots of extra rope.) As the tense conversation continues, 007 analyzes that Teacher Angel has just been pushing Xiao Xing away, trying to make Xiao Xing hate her, thereby punishing herself. (I’m not sure if I can buy this, but for now OK.) 007 reveals that the charm Lucifer gave him was not from her ah bu Fang Lian Xing after all, but from Angel.

Ke Ying sees Xiao Xing crying, knows she has accepted the explanation, and smiles jadedly. He comments that all it takes is a protective charm to win Xiao Xing’s forgiveness.

He tells their parents to drink the wine he has in front of them so that they’ll never be separated (i.e. die). “You don’t dare drink?” he says, when no one reaches for it; he takes a swallow himself. Then both his parents do the same. Ke Ying is thrown off by this and yells at them for being irresponsible parents unafraid of death. (And I’m sorry, the hallelujah music is killing me. This is not the time!! Editors, pleeeaase stop the distracting noise!) He asks how he’ll continue the game if they’re like that. As 007 suggests, why not end it? He points out that if the goal was to determine whether his parents loved him, the goal has been achieve. Ke Ying says that at first he thought it was, but found himself unable to stop and realized that the problem was himself. “I can’t forgive you both. I can’t love you both.” (With the bg music I think we’ve wandered very slightly into the territory of mushiness…only briefly.)

He tells his mother how hard he’s tried to please her since childhood; both of them are crying. Then he eats a strawberry from the top of the cake. He informs his father that there was no poison in the wine (duh) and says he’ll forever remember this most wonderful birthday that they all spent together. Then duly falls over (not dead, of course, although the berry was poisoned, because this is the no-death, no-serious-injury zone of Pi Li MIT, so no worries~). At this point the rest of MIT runs in, just in time to bring Ke Ying to the hospital and flush the poison out of his system.


Ke Ying and his parents are staying in America to cure Ke Ying’s “illness” (psychological issues, more like, and that’s not going to just float away easily, but *shrug*). At Sheng Ying, Cherry is stand-in principal. (Thank goodness she changed her hair!)

Outside, Lucifer is leaning against 007, reading out fortunes. She’s bored without any missions (007 calls her silly) and says the current peace is unacceptable. She misses the times when she heard screams everyday.

And in true MIT-coincidence style, what do they hear? A scream! And a video of a kidnapped girl arrives.

It’s time for MIT to spring back into action!

So the series ends with MIT happily on a mission, with the title “GAME OVER.” And then the voiceover says, “Actually, the game’s only just begun.”

Cute, eh?

(May I say, OMG! 007 is smiling! *shockedness* He’s not a stone after all! Haha sorry.^^)

So…it wasn’t perfect. Background music once in a while lacking, script once in a while lacking, acting once in a while lacking, even editing once in a while lacking. And I still can’t buy Teacher Angel’s “punishing herself by being hard on others” deal. Lol, it kind of seemed like a cop-out. As did the let’s-take-Ke-Ying-to-America-together-and-that’ll-resolve-all-our-problems thing. But that’s OK. Enough poking in MIT’s Swiss-cheese plot (yes, there are a lot of holes, but Swiss cheese can be nice, can’t it? xD).

Despite the flaws I hugely enjoyed Pi Li MIT! It’s cute, and fun, and not-dangerous, and sticks in some twists and shadowed moments to keep us watching, plus a bit of romance, and gives lots of actors and actresses the chance to act evil. Lol. Thanks for reading my recap (which I spent several hours on when I really should be doing an English essay >.<) and jiayou MIT!


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  1. Heya,
    Appreciate u spending so much time in writing a recap of ep16, its really good


    Comment by yucifa | February 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. i really appreciate your review.

    i had been trying to find someone who would review it. i think your the only one.

    i really liked this film but felt the same as you, good and enjoyable but not great.

    Comment by tieuyeunu | April 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hey,

    That was such a great recap! Great job! Nice blog too!

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by dreamhappy | May 19, 2009 | Reply

  4. Good job sis,I like it,especially when u describe how cute interaction between 007 n lucifer in romantic moments of course.
    What if u make a recap of episod 12 n 13,there’s alot of romance event
    Could u do that?Please……

    Comment by Sayu | June 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Hm…nowadays I’m a bit short on time, so I’m not sure if I’ll go back to MIT (despite my great affection for it ;-)), but I’ll think about it. =) Thanks for commenting!

      Comment by lifeincounterpoint | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  5. mit is a good movie…..guilun also same

    Comment by jen | October 14, 2009 | Reply

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