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케세라, 세라 (Que Sera, Sera)

So upon finding a glowing recommendation (from dramabeans) for QSS, I tried watching it. Well, actually I’d glimpsed the first five minutes of it before, but got distracted and promptly forgot about it. After reading the plot description and skimming through a few MVs for it, I had pegged it as another one of those hot-looking-jerk-plus-cutesy-heroine classics. In my humble opinion the jerks have always looked more idiotic trying too hard to look good (*cough*DevilBesideYou: who honestly considers that mop sitting on Mike’s head as sexy? stylist, what have you DONE?), but they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. *sigh* Oh well. But I digress.

Back to QSS! I’m only on episode three, but I’m liking it a lot more than I expected. Tae Joo is indeed a confident jerkish player type, but he has more depth than cutesy drama counterparts. And I don’t mean the jerk with a heart of gold device that every scriptwriter feels the urge to throw in nowadays; if that concept was a sock it would be in shreds of cotton all over the entertainment world carpet. Screenwriter Do Hyun Jung doesn’t try too hard to make Tae Joo likeable, but instead portrays his flaws in a way that is fairly honest and yet doesn’t make viewers totally despise him (not yet at least, lol). And Eun Soo is definitely not the floppy female pushover I expected. She can be cute, but (as, I think, dramabeans/Sarah mentioned in one of her QSS recaps) it usually doesn’t feel forced. Most of the time, you feel her straightforwardness more than her cuteness. She’s naive but not weak, inexperienced but assertive. It’s cool. The secondary leads are also portrayed with firmness and sympathy (but not too much either way). I’ll have to see more of QSS to judge more.

And probably the thing that is winning me over to QSS right now…the OST. Love! Alex, Horan, Loveholic, it has them all, plus the non-OST songs that are sneaked (snuck?) into the drama through mall speakers and background radios. The music always blends with the atmosphere and I love almost every song. Very diversified.

I’ll keep watching. I shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover (but we all do that, lol), and I’m just glad I decided to give this another chance.^^


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