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The Elusive 27-Minute IV-cos MV, “죽어도 갖지 못할 사랑”

I’ve been hunting for ages to find the full version of this music video–the previews are ubiquitous but the whole 27-minute deal is considerably more difficult to locate. Once I found it, I had to find a way to download it. That was another adventure in itself…certain Korean streaming sites make it particularly tough to get videos.^^ I tried one or two sites which claimed to have the answer (failed) and only got my hands on the flv after several hours using Mozilla’s handy file-sniffing Download Helper. So I converted the file and uploaded it to Youtube, where I know multiple people have been hunting for it. =) If you’re one of those people, enjoy! (The other two parts are beneath the cut.) EDIT: A d/l link was requested, so here it is^^: DOWNLOAD

The work was was worth it, seeing the MV! =) I admit my main motive in watching it was to see another Lee Soo Kyung (이수경) and Shin Dong Wook (신동욱) collaboration…their chemistry was amazing in the underrated MBC drama Soulmate, and they just didn’t have enough scenes there. They did have (SPOILER!) a very long kissing scene and several long crying scenes, plus a good bit of couple-interaction. Their acting, plus Baek Hyun’s acting (his jealous glances and twisted actions really made you hate his character, which means he did a good job, lol) were the main pull of the video. Well, the song was good, too, but it got a bit overshadowed by the immensely long video. 😉 Otherwise, however, the plot just annoyed me. A lot. (Warning: Prepare for rant.)

1. What do you do when you find a dead body in your shop? Hm…let’s think hard about this…stick your hands in his blood so it looks like you did it? Nice one.

2. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Wouldn’t there have been other evidence and other testimonies to demonstrate that he did not, after all, commit the crime?? SDW’s character obviously didn’t have a very good lawyer. =P

3. If you’re the girlfriend of a guy who got accused of murder, and you’re sure he didn’t do it and you still love him, wouldn’t you visit him in jail? Instead of just moping around and waiting for nothing?

4. How does a little crush on your best friend’s girlfriend lead to betrayal and murder? That’s…not love. Baek Hyun’s character is seriously messed up.

5. Oh, so now you can just escape from jail by digging yourself out? A.) Other jailmates would want to come with, B.) The mud would keep slipping so the tunnel wouldn’t stay open long enough for someone to get out, C.) A guard within the prison would notice, and D.) It’s probably NOT a good idea to scream/yell/wail loudly when you get out of the hole. Someone’s bound to notice. =P

I could go on, but I’d better spare you, lol. The plot is just engineered (badly) to be depressing, and the designers didn’t bother to make it believable. I would still recommend watching the MV, though, if you’re a fan of SDW, LSK, BH, or IV-cos. The great acting and the song are what make it bearable.

You’ll still have to go watch something cheerful after you finish it, though. Antidote. 😉


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